You'll like what you see

Where do we even begin? It is hard to summarize all of the resons why we love ZSJ into a few short sentences. The most important aspect, we feel, is that our daughter is recieving a Christian-based education. She is learning lessons that will stick with her far into life past her school years. Students are taught respect and morals--a priority at ZSJ. The teachers are second-to-none. They take a personal interest in each individual student; the small class size helps with that. Teachers push (encourage) each child to excel accademically. As parents, we love the tight-nit family feel. Take a look at ZSJ...we think you'll like what you see!

Jeff & Georgette Ebel, Parents

Foundations for Faith and Career

ZSJ is the best start for a child both spiritually and academically! It laid the foundation for both the faith and career I have today. It’s filled with a staff that is fun and loving who will care about your student for life!

Emma (Sweeney) Elsner, Class of 2010

Like having a second family...

Being part of the Zion St John school was like having a second family. The smaller classroom provided more opportunities to get to know everyone, including the teachers, on a more personal level. Having this level of comfort helped me to open up and be active in the classroom. My favorite part of Zion was being able to study and learn more about God and His plan for all of us. In our classes we were able to talk about how Gods hands are involved in our lives and see how God could be incorporated into real life events, which has translated into life long learning traits.

Dillon Hain, Class of 2009

My most influential years

Out of all my school-years I can confidently say that my most influential years were spent at Zion St. John in Paullina. The nurture I received in both academics and Christianity has stuck with me to this day.

Amber (Hain) Kienast, Class of 2006

A special place in my heart

Zion St. John Lutheran School will always have a special place in my heart. I am forever grateful for values that have been instilled in me such as unconditional love and kindness, honesty, hard work, respect for others, cooperation, compassion, and forgiveness. The lessons I've learned and the friendships I've made are life long. Zion is so much more than a school building or a community of faith, it is my home and my family.

Bridget (Hain) Gill, Class of 2003