"Scrip" is a great fundraising program at our school!

Basically, it's purchasing gift/shopping cards, from national and local retailers, at a discount.

Scrip can be ordered at any time, however scrip that we do not keep "on-hand" is typically ordered from Great Lakes, every-other Sunday, and usually available before the weekend. Local "on-hand" scrip, "Reloads" and "ScripNow" can be ordered, as needed, via paper forms (found below), on-line, or with a mobile device.

The discount/rebate earned is designated to a fund of your choice:tuition, to general school support/improvements, or to help with the church support of Zion-St. John.Extended family and friends are welcome to participate, too.

Scrip can be used for just about any purchase including groceries, clothing, gasoline, entertainment, dining out and travel, etc.In addition to the Scrip rebate, any discounts/coupons offered by the businesses can be used.Scrip is just your form of payment.

If you would like participate in this simple and effective fundraising program, or have any other questions, please contact: Kari Kent-Coordinator (#515-333-1841) or Jenny Johnson (#446-2227)

Thanks for your support!

What is Scrip?

SCRIP comes in the form of gift cards/certificates that can be used for everyday shopping (i.e. groceries, gas, dining, etc), as gifts for family and friends, or for whatever reason you would normally purchase a gift card for. Zion-St. John Lutheran School supporters order gift cards from school, at face value. The school purchases these cards/certificates from a national broker, and local businesses, at a discount.

Seventy-five percent of the “profit” (rebate) earned is saved in a fund of your choice, as you designate on the registration form: directly to your family tuition, another family’s tuition, to general school support / improvements, or to help with the church support of ZSJ.

The remaining 25% is kept by ZSJ SCRIP,to offset program fees(envelopes, printing costs, postage,annual fee,etc.) Anything above the program costs will be given to the General School Support / Improvements Fund.

Following is an example of how the program works,and how it benefits you and our school:

  • You buy $100 worth of Pizza Ranch SCRIP/gift certificates from ZSJ,for $100.
  • You use the $100 worth of SCRIP as you would a gift card.
  • ZSJ buys the $100 worth of SCRIP/gift certificates for $90, since Pizza Ranch gives us a 10% discount.
  • The $10 (10%)discount will be split. Your selected account will receive $7.50 (75%) and $2.50 (25%) will go back to the school to help offset the SCRIP program fees, and for general school support / improvements.

Keep in mind that you do not have to buy $100, and the more regular you are with certificate purchases, the more money you save!

Some of the most commonly used SCRIP includes: Bomgaars, Fareway, Gap/Old Navy, Hy-Vee, Lowe's,Olive Garden/Red Lobster, Pizza Ranch, Scheels, Texas Roadhouse, Target, Wal-Mart and our local participating businesses.

Who Can Participate?

Whether you are a current Zion-St. John family, a future family, a grandparent, a supporting church member, or any other ZSJ supporter, you can participate in this great opportunity to save money!

Zion-St. John parents receive the immediate benefit from this program, while future parents planning to send their child(ren) to ZSJ can begin building up a fund. Grandparents, family, friends, and supporters of ZSJ can direct their credit towards their choice of:one or two family funds, to the General School Support / Improvements Fund, or towards their church’s ZSJ support fund.

Family and friends may help you with your tuition by ordering certificates with your order,or by completing a registration form, and setting up their own account.

When Are Earnings Distributed?

The SCRIP program will run from April 1, through March 31. ZSJ SCRIP will hold current family credit earned,until April. The earnings will be applied to outstanding tuition, or credited to your family tuition account, for the following school year. If the full SCRIP balance is over the cost of one year’s worth of tuition, a credit balance will be held on your ZSJ tuition account. Future family credit will be forwarded in full to their tuition account, after their child enrolls at ZSJ.Earnings designated to church support/tuition accounts will be credited to the appropriate funds,in April each year.

If your child(ren) will no longer attend ZSJ for whatever reason, the monies held under your account can be:

  • Credited to your outstanding tuition balance
  • Credited to a family tuition account(s) of your choosing, if written notice is received within 60 days of leaving.
  • Otherwise, it will be transferred to the SCRIP program.


A registration form must be completed by all participating families. The disclaimer section must be signed if you allow anyone, other than yourself,to pick up your certificates.


SCRIP orders can be placed via the paper form, or conveniently online,at www.shopwithscrip.com. Online shopping can be done on your home computer, or with a mobile device. Ordering online gives you a greater selection of SCRIP and special offers, and the ability to track your earnings.You can order plastic gift cards, print ScripNow eCards (immediate use certificates), reload your existing SCRIP cards, and have the option to pay online (PrestoPay.) An enrollment code is needed to set up online accounts, and view local vendors.If you selected “online orders” on the registration form, the SCRIP Coordinator will contact you, to complete your enrollment process. If you have any questions, please contact the Scrip Coordinator, or a committee member.

Paper orders must be on a SCRIP order form. This prevents the possibility of an order getting lost. Forms will be available at school, or on the school’s webpage: www.zionstjohn.com (click on the “SCRIP FUNDRAISING” tab.) Scrip “on-hand” does not require an order form.

Friends and relatives’ orders may be included in your order and your account will be credited. You are responsible for the distribution of these certificates. If you mail certificates to friends or relatives, keep in mind that you are sending cash through the mail. It is your responsibility to inform them how to use the certificates properly, and of any changes and updates that may occur. Another option is to have friends and relatives set up their own account and still have the credit forwarded to you.


All orders must be paid in full before they will be processed. Please make checks payable to ZSJ SCRIP. We reserve the right to change any incorrect dollar amount increments or issue a credit slip. If ordering online, payments can be made through PrestoPay, for a small fee (currently, $.15 for entire order.) If your order was done online, without paying online, you will be instructed to print the order, and include it with your payment to ZSJ SCRIP.

Anyone with a N.S.F. (insufficient funds) payment will incur a fee of $35.00, to be paid to the program. This includes online NSF payments. After two N.S.F. payments are tendered on your SCRIP account, only money orders, cashier’s checks, or cash will be accepted for payment. No further personal checks will be accepted for purchase or certificates. PrestoPay accounts will be disabled.

Order Frequency

Orders can be placed any time. However, receiving your order depends on whether we have the cards “on-hand”, or not. If we have the scrip "on-hand" the order will typically be ready the following school day. If we do not have the cards on-hand, we will place an order for them, with Great Lakes. The deadline for these orders is 5:00 pm, generally, every other Sunday. These orders are usually available before the weekend. Be sure to check order and pick-up dates, as they may change.No late orders will be processed, but will be held over to the next order date.

Please make sure your orders/payments are brought to school in a sealed envelope marked “ZSJ SCRIP” and put in the SCRIP box (located in the school office.) Orders collected at Zion, St. John or Bethel will be distributed the following Sunday.

Paper Certificate Redemption And Change Policy

For the most part, certificates can be used just like cash or checks at participating stores. Please refer to each certificate ordered to see if an expiration date has been issued. Some certificates are issued as paper certificates and can be used just like cash or check. Some merchants offer debit cards as certificates and are listed appropriately on the master retailers list. Debit cards will carry a remaining balance. Suggestions for a partially used debit card: wrap the receipt showing the remaining balance around the debit card for easy reference, or write the balance on the card with a permanent marker.

Please review the master retailer list to learn about each store’s certificate policy.To ensure this program continues in the future for ZSJ, you are asked NOT to abuse the use of the certificates. When using paper certificates, make your purchases as close to the dollar amount as possible. Remember participating local merchants are doing us a favor by their involvement. Do not expect change when using any store certificate.

Back Orders

Occasionally gift cards/certificates may be back ordered. In this case, no refunds will be given. Cards/certificates should be available with the next order.Plan ahead to prevent problems due to a back order delay.

Merchant Information

The merchants and denominations offered on the paper form are limited, compared to what’s available online. If you have a question about a specific merchant or denomination not listed, please don’t hesitate to ask. Merchants may choose to change credit percentages at their own discretion. The SCRIP office will notify you as soon as possible of any change or updates. The merchant percentage given is listed behind the store name on the SCRIP order form.Note that charge accounts at Kohl’s can be paid with certificates. You must pay the account in person at the appropriate store. (Doing this at the customer service section of each store works best.) Certificates are considered like cash and cannot be mailed.

Miscellaneous Information

  • These gift cards/certificates are just like cash. Once your order is picked up by you or your child, or designated person, Zion-St. John, the SCRIP coordinator, volunteers, nor the program are responsible for any lost, stolen, or misplaced certificates.
  • SCRIP earnings designated to Zion-St. John Lutheran School,or to our supporting Lutheran Churches (Zion, St. John, or Bethel) are considered a charitable contribution. The 25%, retained by our Scrip program, is not deductible. Nor are earnings deductible if you receive anything in exchange, such as tuition (see Private Letter Ruling (PLR) 118535-09.) SCRIP purchases are not tax deductible, since you receive dollar-for-dollar (or more) value for the certificates.
  • Cards/certificates cannot be returned to Scrip for exchange or refund.
  • To keep well informed of any changes to this program, including new store additions, ordering schedules,etc., check the school website: www.zsjpaullina.org (“Scrip Fundraising” tab)

Have a Question?

Thank you for taking the time to acquaint yourself with the details concerning the ZSJ SCRIP Program. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns pertaining to SCRIP, please direct them to the SCRIP coordinator, or another committee member.

On behalf of Zion-St. John Lutheran School, we look forward to serving you through this simple and effective fundraising program. Let your spending habits work for you at no extra costs!